446 Main Street

4th Floor

Worcester, MA 01608           

Phone: (508) 756-1454 

Email: ericscafeworcester@live.com


Monday - Friday 8am - 1:30pm 

Cafe is Currently Closed 

Please Email any inquiries for any Catered Event

Thank You, Eric

Lunch Catering Menu The Easy Lunch Box--$9.75 per person

Got a special delivery on the way? Be sure to ask about our labor-inducing cream cheese.

​As heard on 104.5 WXLO, this secret recipe actually works. If you're beyond your due date, try some of our delicious labor inducing cream cheese. We even have a special gift for your newborn -- an Eric's LaPatisserie bib with our special labor inducing cream cheese logo!

At just $4 for a container, your baby is guaranteed to come out!


Worcester Telegram & Gazette columnist Dianne Williamson is the latest to catch on to our labor-inducing cream cheese craze.

Well, not personally...

Check out her column,"Mama-licious Cream Cheese or Hoo-Ha"